Roller Blinds System



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Roller Blinds System

Product Description
Day & Night Blind
Other name: Rainbow blind, Zebra Blind, Soft yarn Blind, Dual layer blind
Material: Aluminum alloy Width: 25 mm / Thickness: 0.18 mm
Color available: All Color
Key Components: Up rail, blade, down rail, deco-slice, fabric ladder, light adjusting rod and pulling line.

1, Frames are manufactured by aluminum alloy through dual-surface coating
2, Excellent shielding and shading ability, tough and no deformation
3, Additional thermal insulation function and anti-ultraviolet rays
4, Smarter light adjusting with different direction and various intensities
5, Smooth hand feeling of colorful blades
6, Color durable without fading due to long time sun shinning
7, Say no to lead oil painting in producing blades, sun screen and heat defense
8, Energy efficiency by high ration heat reflection when using air conditioner
9, Static electricity powder painting for upper and down rail base


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