Beds; everybody has them yet not much is known about how they were invented or how they became what they are today. For something so massively consumed, it’s time to educate ourselves about this mythical piece of furniture that would seem to have appeared from nowhere.

History outlines that the very first types of beds largely consisted of shrubbery and greenery piled on open ground. In an attempt to increase comfort, there has also been evidence of ancient man creating a palette from rock in which to place the shrubbery – although it would be a fair assumption that this was most certainly more uncomfortable!

Progressing into ancient Egyptian times yet still many years BC, it is known that upper class citizens actually manufactured the first beds. This consisted of a hay or grass filled mattress which was supported via a frame made of gold. It was then discovered that over time the Egyptians began to fill their mattresses with wool or feathers to increase levels of warmth during the night.

The Renaissance Era introduced a much more luxurious adaptation of what the Egyptians began. The rough mattresses that were originally made of rags extracted from legumes were then covered with soft and luxurious sheets of silk.

Heading into the 20th century, the first spring mattresses were created in America as well as the orthopaedic bed with foam mattresses in the 1950’s. By the 1980’s the industry became a lot more creative with airbeds and water beds being introduced.

Although the mechanical adjustable bed had already been used in hospitals in the 1940’s, the 1990’s saw the introduction of electrical adjustable beds not only in hospitals but also within homes.

Beds have come along in leaps and bounds and with the now state of the art electrical beds, it’s safe to say goodbye to mounds of shrubs and leaves and hello to quality and luxurious sleep time.