Most Frequent Questions and Answers

There are two ways of shipping method. Towel as a textile product with a few added value these days, to reduce the cost of transportation is very important. As a matter of fact, using a vessel container to load the towels and make the shipment is a common way for us nowadays. However, some times the order is very urgent for the business, especially for the promotion gifts project, we will use air freight to cover the time cost. In fact, whether the way you prefer to ship your towel, both require deep planing.

Cost effective, in this way, we do not have to worry about the total volume of our towel, also the total weight of our towel is no more a concern. To adopt this way of shipping, the cost of time is massive, for example, it will take around 30 days from Shanghai port to EURO ports no matter what your order quantity is!

In this way, we normally handle towel samples and towel prototypes. It saves time a lot. But for bulk towels and container grade of towels, we do not recommend this strategy. Unless the towel project is highly emergency, and we are running out of time due to poor planning and mistakes, and you have plenty of cash to waste, this way can be your choice.