Beach Towel

Know how tall you are. Measure yourself or have somebody else do it for you. This is important to know because towels come in different sizes. You don’t want to purchase a towel that is overly small or big for your body. For example, if you are five feet tall, you wouldn’t want a towel that was only four feet long.

Decide what your favorite style of a beach towel is. Do you like towels that are shaped like creatures of the sea?? Or, how about towels that are shaped like stars or hearts? Maybe you just like the plain old rectangle towel. Look on the Internet for some pictures of towels to decide which one you like the best. Ask for a friend or family member’s opinion if you are debating between two different styles.

Choose what color or design you want on your towel. Do you like bright neon-colored beach towels? Maybe you would like a towel with pigs and ducks on it. Look at multiple ones to decide which design is your favorite. You may want to match the color of your towel with the style of the towel. For example, if you are getting a towel shaped like a heart, you would probably not want a design with trees on it.

Know your price range. Do you only have ten dollars to spare on the beach towel? Whatever the case may be, don’t try to spend all of the money you have just on a cool beach towel. Most towels become dirty, out-of-date, and too short to be worth too much money. You will probably have to get a new one in the next few years, so it isn’t worth wasting all of your money on one beach towel.

Visit local stores and the Internet. Look in multiple places for the cheapest towel that is similar to the one you want. Make sure that the height, style, and color/design on the beach towel is exactly the way you want. Don’t purchase the towel if it is torn, ripped, has something stuck to it, dirty, or ruined in some other way.


  • After you buy your towel, be sure to show it to all of your friends and family!
  • Write your name on the small, white tag on your towel if there is one so people will know that it belongs to you.
  • Keep the receipt to the towel after you purchase it in case you would want to return it.