Coral Fleece Memory Foam Bath Mat



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Coral Fleece Memory Foam Bat Mat

Bath Mat Made in China

Quality Bath mat

Quality Foam,  100% Micro fiber Coral Fleece Fabric, SBR Backing.

Stripe Memory foam bathmat

öko standart BEHO 063723
pile yarn 100%polyester   180gsm    Coral fleece
pile height batmat
pile high lid cover (solid/ w. design)
pile weight
total height  memory foam 40D 14mm height
kind of backing non-woven dot backing
colours ,including colour numbers stripe
minimum order 400m2/color
initial Leadtime 55days
reorder Leadtime 70days
Price per sqm $9.6 per m2
Sizes Price in USD Sizes Price
55/50 2.64 90/160 13.82
50/90 4.32 Round 80Ø 6.14
60/100 5.76 halfmoon 50/80 3.84
70/110 7.39 2 pcs set 55/50 cut+Lidcover 4.9
80/150 11.52 2 pcs set 55/50+Lidcover 4.9


Bath Mat Water Absorbing Test:




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