Microfiber Chenille Bath Mat Floor Rug



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  • material:blended
  • mat selling method:Finished carpet (yuan/piece)
  • Floor mat is suitable for space:Dry and wet isolation
  • Process:woven
  • Cleaning type: hand-washable or machine-washable
  • Application: household
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Color classification: color number can be customized
  • Size: can be customized
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The length and thickness of the chenille ball can be controlled. The length and thickness of the ball can be determined according to the needs of the enterprise, or it can be blended to achieve more creative effects. Generally, the moq of chenille floor MATS is 500KG per color. The MOQ of pure color chenille with 2000g hot melt rubber sole only needs 250 square meters. Welcome to customize.

SBR Backing

SBR is generally customized by the material manufacturers to provide the cut sheet, so the size will be limited. SBR Chinese name is styrene-butadiene rubber, is a kind of synthetic rubber foam body, feel fine, soft, elastic, shock, heat insulation, elastic, impervious to water, impervious to air and other characteristics, and in several materials have high thermal stability. Generally applicable to dry and wet separation

Hot Melting Backing

Hot Melt Adhesive material has a very good anti-skid performance, and made of finished products are non-toxic and easier to package transport. Daily use is more convenient for washing and storage. Low gram heavy finished products because the hot melt adhesive itself only need to 30g/㎡ so the relatively thin foot feeling is poor. Need a better foot sense need to enhance the fabric of the weight will more directly increase the cost.

PVC Backing

PVC bottom needs to be matched with sponge sandwich as the bottom of the chenille, can play the sponge water absorption and elasticity. PVC material is cheaper but the stability of environmental protection slightly worse.

TPR Backing

TPR, as a recyclable and environment-friendly thermoplastic rubber material, can be combined with the chenille weave surface directly through heating and cooling. The bottom of the pattern has a high plasticity, its rubber properties let it have a good shock absorption performance, and skid resistance and wear resistance is also very good. Its environmental protection property conforms to ROHS,REACH, EN71-3, ASTMF96 environmental protection inspection standard.

Large Sizes Available

This chenille bath mat can be used as a floor mat for your living room, a doormat for your lovely house, a toilet rug to pedal, a bathroom rug after shower or bath. This product is very popular right now at Amazon. If you are willing to invest and import from us please feel free to contact us. We ensure the best outcome for affordable input.


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