Printed Plisse Blinds



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Printed Plisse Blinds

Advantages and benefits

  1. an elegant element of the modern interior
  2. high quantity of non-standard forms
  3. wide selection of linenfold materials, colors, patterns and imprinting
  4. fabrics with various levels of light penetration, shading fabrics, and reflection fabrics
  5. the option of combining two fabrics
  6. variable control system – rope, handle.


Plisse is a folding fabric roller-blind that dresses your windows, makes the interior cozy and, of course, provides tailor-made shading of your room. You can choose from linenfold fabric with various levels of light penetration, shading fabric, with a steaming aluminum layer that eliminates the force of heat radiation, or fabric with a penetrative coating with a high level of light reflection.


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