How do we know about towels?

There are many types of towels. Golf towels, sports towels, gift towel, promotional towels, beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, wash towels, clean towels, etc.. So how do we classify them?

Classify by
How we use our towel

Sports Towel: Gym towel/Basketball Towel/Football Towel/Golf Towel

Home Towel: Face Towel/Hand Towel/Bath Towel/Clean Towel/Kitchen Towel/Floor Towel

Business Towel: Gift Towel/ Hotel Towel/Beach Towel/Pet Towel/Promotional Towel

Disposable towel and none-disposable towel

Classify by
Which material we are using

Cotton Towels: 16s Cotton Towel/21s Cotton Towels/36s Towels

Polyester Towels:100% Polyester Towels/ 80% Polyester and 20% Poly-amide Towele

Blended Towels:50% Cotton with 50% Polyester 

Classify by
The Technology of Producing

Cotton Towels: Jacquard Towels/Embroidery Towels/Satin Towels/Color Woven Towels/Plain Woven Towels/Printed Towels/Dyed Towels/Egyptian Towel

Polyester Towels: Microfiber Towels/Printed Microfiber Towels/Screen Printed Towels/Reactive Printed Towels/Suede Towels/Peach Towels

Blended Towels: Reactive Printed Towels/Embroidery Towels

Terry Towel and Smooth Towel, Sometimes we use Velour Towel.

Your Logo

Your Logo is always important with your business; the way we treat your logo onto your towel is professional. We can do Printed Logo, Embroidery LOGO, LOGO woven-in, LOGO by Hang Tags, LOGO by the label, LOGO on box, Jacquard LOGO.

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