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Our Fan Coil Units have ceiling exposed type, ceiling concealed type, wall-mounted type, and floor-standing type.


The air volume ranges from 150CFM to 2200CFM. It is a highly versatile product suitable for hospitals, office buildings, hotels, airports, and various other applications.
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Film Flooded shell and tube heat exchanger

Water Cooled Chiller

Screw Compressor, Centrifugal Compressor, Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Compressor
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There are 3 types - suspended type, a horizontal type, and vertical type, including 66 standard models


The air flow rate is available from 2,000m3/h to 40,000m3/h. Different external static pressure (ESP) can be customized to meet different kinds of applications.
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Residential Heat Pump

Pile Height 20~50 mm Polyester Mat with Plastic Dot

Heat Pump

Your heated water on demand
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Aqua Tempo Power Chillers with cooling capacity ranging from 30kW to 250kW, combination model’s maximum capacity ups to 2000kW.


Freely combine with fan coil units and air handling units. Project owners may choose the best types according to their design taste (for interior) or functional needs.
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Residential Fresh Air

heat exchange core efficiency can above 96%

Residential Fresh Air

Early effect + activated carbon/ HEPA (H13 standard, PM2.5 removal highly to 99.97%)/ High-voltage electrostatic dust (PM2.5 removal highly to 99.8%)
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About Dulafa

In Chinese 都来發, DULAFA (PRONOUNCED: Dou lai fa) means: “We create value together and we secure our prosperity only through our diligent hands. ” Dulafa was founded on Nov. 6th, 2013 by four business enthusiasts: Li Zhi Huang, Jin Jia Cheng, Qiu Pei Pei, and Qiu Qian Qian. They joined together to pursue their lifelong dream to establish an Importing/Exporting business based on integrity, honesty and exceptional customer service. .

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Air fresher Compnents

Primary Filter
Consisted of 3M material
HEPA 13 Filter
Pharmaceutical grade, filtering 0.03 mm particles and gasloid.
Duo Fan Motor
10-watt energy consumption

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